Predicting the future


Who is the real foreteller? Is true prediction only a pretension or does it really exist?
He exists! Unequivocally so. Take note, however, when looking for him, not to confuse the real foreteller with one that only pretends to predict the future

Who is a foreteller?

The Folk Foreteller:
Fortunetellers, sorcerers and witches, conjurers, astrologers, parapsychologists.
All those who deal with the occult, the future, the stars, and the zodiacs.
Those that have existed since the beginning of time, to whom many a man flock, some in secret and some in the open, some on a regular basis and some only at times of trouble and need.

The Modern Foreteller – The Expert:
This type of foreteller relies on his expertise. Thanks to this, his prediction, for the most part, is not controversial. It is regarded as dignified, reliable, and well-established; it is presentable.
The expert foreteller can be an esteemed scientist, a renowned economist, a respected historian, a former politician or a current one, a successful businessman etc.; an expert in his field, who can give reliable predictions of the future, of trends… an expert foreteller.

In fact, the expert is no different from the foretellers of the folk; The same ones who he usually looks down upon, for the sake of appearance at least, but consults with in confidence. What’s more, the expert relies quite a bit on the visions of the real prophets of the past.
Kings and leaders have always had “in-house witches”, who later became “advisors”, no different than our current day’s “special consultants”.
It should be noted that the predictions of both kinds should be taken with a grain of salt. Both predict only segments of the truth in their own ways, some more and some less.

Nowadays there are very many foretellers, and all openly compete for a platform for their predictions. Why? Because it has become apparent that it is rather beneficial. Being a foreteller has many perks – profit, power, status, popularity, influence.

So, who is the real foreteller?
It can be anyone. Any person that possesses both skills – those of the popular foreteller as well as the ones of the expert – they are two sides of the same coin, pieces of one whole.
A real foreteller must know both sides.
He must learn to use both openly and allow them to complete each other.

True prediction is an exact science. It is the result of constant learning and exploration, of a willingness to break boundaries. It is based in knowledge and information, intuition, creativity, madness and clarity of mind, an evolved consciousness, an outstanding and developed imagination, a free spirit, a connection to nature, and a seal of truth. Along with these, comes a  mature personality capable of a true and loyal connection with itself, that is able to hold both the rational and irrational sides of prediction at the same time.

True prediction is without compromise, limits, and conditions.
It requires clear and reliable exploration of oneself, devoid of considerations of appearance and of the eventual unfolding of events. Mostly, the real foreteller’s predictions are not concerned with results.
His research is carried out both in and out of the laboratory that is himself.
True prediction is an individual act and is not influenced by anything.
Above all – the foreteller knows that everything is subject to change; predictions, perhaps, most of all. He is ready for anything. For after all, he offers his predictions with an innocent heart, to allow for true healing. He wishes to awaken and illuminate.
The real foreteller does not seek a stage nor an audience but invites sharing. Sharing that comes from the heart.
The real foreteller simply exists, and with him, his vision.

The mirage that is performed today on every possible stage urges us all to go out and look for the real foreteller, the one inside and outside of ourselves.
Get to know him. Know yourself.
When you meet him – you will know that you have arrived.
Find your vision and turn it into a prediction that will be a tool for change and healing.

True prediction comes through unconditional love. That is the center from which its strength is drawn.

A true foreteller is true to origin.


להמשך קריאה


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