A dynamic and original documentation of a universal journey, reflected in the personal healing journey of an individual – from the micro to the macro and back again.
A journey in which I see the purpose of existence. The eternal journey of striving towards healing.
The journey reflects the path to healing – of nature, of economics, of politics, of education, of medicine, of the family, of emotion, of religion, and, of faith.
The underlying premise is that healing is an exact science – parts of it proven and others not, some are visible and some hidden – and the choice of a single path toward it does not change the fact that to achieve it fully, one must complete all steps with the patience and consent that the process of healing requires.

The documentation begins with what will always be the primary stage of healing – the knowledge and the recognition of the existence of uncertainty. It present deep insight and knowledge from within me, touching upon endless realms and subjects, from the conscious and subconscious, in a picturesque, creative, and relevant form.
The conscious consent to embark on my private healing journey dates back to 2017; A decision to search and find within me the tools that will assist me on my way, and that I will later on share with all those who wish to go on their own journey – to learn from, to prepare, to develop will, to be healed, and to heal.
That is how I discovered my connection with writing. Through writing I was able to express myself in a focused manner, stitching together places, times, layers, and depths, out of the infinitely wide scope of vision that characterizes me. It allows me to express this extensive combination so that it fits every rhythm and every stage of the process, so that at every stage the reader can comprehend the text and understand it through the lens of the stage in which the reader is.

My first text was published at the end of 2018. It consists of three parts and is titled “Accept Uncertainty”. The text explores the importance of accepting uncertainty as the basis for healing and incorporates my personal story of these times.
I chose to translate and publish the text in several languages and send it to hundreds of people in positions of influence and leadership around the world, in the effort of raising awareness to the subject.
At this point, I had no intention to continue to share my journey. However, lady uncertainty has made its appearance, in the image of corona, and the things I had written two years prior became a reality, not only for me, but for the whole world. Many approached me to ask for mediation. Some were lost, some frightened, or curious – all seeking healing within themselves. This surfaced a desire and a need in me to make the mediation of the world’s history, through myself, accessible for anyone who wishes to read it.
Over time, this documentation has taken the form of a book, describing the development of a person as it goes; a development that is immortal within one’s own way amidst uncertainty. This is one of the reasons I’ve named it “An Immortal living book”.
The unique format of a digital book allows for regular updates with timeless universal content and contemporary references, which offer a way towards healing. The book is alive and is constantly updated. It is immortal since its contents are relevant for all times.


Finding your way around the book – orientation

The book begins with an introduction, followed by the chapters in order of publishing, each chapter according to the date in which it was written. Each chapter stands on its own and can be read either separately, or as part of the whole.
I recommend reading the first text, titled “Accepting Uncertainty”, as a basis, and then continuing as you wish – as deep as you choose to go and feel.

Naturally, my writing changes and develops along with my own inner journey, as part of my personal development and self-exposure; Exposure which is a necessary step in healing. Therefore, the choice of what to share and to what extent is both conscious and unconscious. After all, true exposure requires great courage and is laden with terrible difficulty.

The texts, from the moment of publication, remain as they are, untouched, so that they can be read in perspective and allow trust to be built within a challenging process of which trust is the basis.

The journey of healing is the journey of our lives, and as with every journey, it requires tools for the rode; Useful tools, tools befitting of the time.
For those who wish to receive, for those who wish to be, for those who wish to heal.