. . .Since then and forever onwards


This document is a composition of parts that only seems to be repetitive or confused, but actually, these parts are layers of the same essence, which give the possibility to those exposed to them, to pick up just one layer or to accept them as a whole. All the parts, as one complete unit, create a tool, which serves as a key to a path that is so lacking in the world today. A path which is required, which is needed and without which we cannot do any longer. The path is to rely on uncertainty, which is really the only thing that is certain.

This document is a tool kit, and a very special one, particularly in our days. Quite a challenging one but it comes with safety, and it brings a ray of light with it. It contains a path to practical knowledge, and tools that can be developed indefinitely in every field. If human beings agree to use this knowledge as a guiding light, it will serve them as a source for any creation. Only then, they will find cure, healing, safety and peace.

A full reading of this document will make it impossible for the reader to stay indifferent. For the time being we are here for those who can feel and are willing to be courageous and join us to re-pave the path toward a peaceful land.

We are asking to start a dialogue.

The primeval knowledge offered here has been revealed to the world time and time again, and is always reintroduced differently to reveal another aspect of the same thing. The unquestionable belief in the laws of nature and in superior forces, the acceptance of life and death, of human limitations and human nullity – this is the real truth.

Human beings struggle endlessly with these beliefs. Sometimes, as it is the case in the present period, man is under the illusion, that he has overcome them. And it is precisely at that moment, that everything collapses – exactly when he thought he had grasped it all – Unless he can find a path to the truth.

This battle and resistance repeat themselves, it is always when they reach the peak that people feel they have overcome them. This mostly happens when new information is discovered, which creates an illusion that a way has been found. In the process there will always be a loosening of the faith in the path.

This growing belief in the illusory information is not simplistic, but extremely sophisticated, and at this stage it is very difficult to return to those unquestionable beliefs and make them the basis of everything. Still, this is the only way: to bring them back to the center, where human beings have been so proudly placed, using sophisticated means to do so. The very means that human beings have developed, are those which drive them out of their minds.

This knowledge exists within us all the time, within each and every one of us, all around us, and also when we need to present it in a broad and seminal manner. Forgetting this knowledge is the reason which causes confusion to prevail, and the human race to be in a state of turmoil.

Some of you who have received this document have been carefully selected and others have been chosen randomly. I hope that each and every one of you, regardless of his background, will be able to find within himself the path to the truth.

This document will eventually reach everyone from all ages, adults and kids alike, everywhere on the globe.

This document is universal, not religious – but it can fit any religion;
it is not apocalyptic – but it can announce bad news;
it is not spiritual – but it can reach unknown worlds;
it is not subject to definitions – but it is very accurate.

This is why I chose not to reveal the name of the writer and the characters at this stage. It is important to say that this anonymity is only meant for illustration purposes. After all, if these are words of truth, would it matter whether I am a man or a woman? Whether I belong to one religion or another? Whether I am crowned with academic degrees or I am uneducated? Whether I am rich or poor? Whether I am beautiful or ugly? Famous or anonymous? Would it matter really!? Revealing my identity will only interfere and influence your judgment.

So, let’s try it this way, without seeing. It is important to clarify that this is done not as a technique, not as a manipulation, nor to sow fear. It is done only because today’s technology brings with it exposure, spreading of information, exhibitionism, lack of intellectual honesty and thus could become a destructive tool. This is why the truth has chosen this path today, and has decided to come only anonymously, until the doors are ready to open for it. However, this does not mean that everything that is presented anonymously and made public is true, or worthy to follow; the bitcoin for example, is used anonymously as a teaser, but the intention is not to imply whether this is true or false.

Yet, the truth cannot remain virtual forever. Even if it is invisible, you can definitely feel it. It is not only in the eyes of the beholder, nor is it subject to interpretation or opinion, to cynicism or wits – which come when fear prevails.

The world has become accustomed to advertising and marketing in the form of illustrations and pictures, things are exposed as if they were true, in the form of proof and personal testimonies. All these are in the eyes of the beholder and are used harmfully. But people no longer believe them, and they are quite lost. Yet, every human being, every entity, every commercial company or every country, that will agree to open their hearts to what is written here, will be able to find a healing and curing tool, which enables renewed growth.

The fact that the results of this battle are known in advance brings little comfort, and as hard as it is to withdraw and go back to the path to the truth – a war without any sense involves much more suffering and difficulty. 


You might say, as we have been told again and again: “but it would be very difficult to understand what you say, without knowing you and your dear friend”. Yet, I insist that what is being said here has nothing to do with me nor my dear friend. What is being said cannot and should not be understood, it should be felt. If it can only be understood unless you know us, then the understanding becomes conditional, and illusional. Now, who would dare to declare that he doesn’t understand but just feels? Today you are accepted only if you “understand”. To understand means to prove, but most proofs are valid today, and tomorrow they will be discredited.

Here, one is required to trust, and when trust is not conditional it can never be broken. So let’s dare anyway – you don’t know me nor my dear friend… let’s try to feel! The bottom line is that it’s time to stop trying to figure out everything. This obsession always leads humanity to the same place. The same obsession that expelled us from paradise once, keeps expelling us from our potential present paradise. Human beings cannot understand everything, and certainly cannot prove everything. A human being is a combination of a superior intelligence and emotion, which are forever based on an axiomatic acceptance of the laws of nature. Today we are trying to bend these laws and we are turning them into a romantic memory.

So “what’s the point of feeling what is written here”, you might ask, “if this is all predetermined?” – The answer is: the degree of suffering which can be alleviated. In each round, knowledge reveals another part of itself, from which humans are able to create more information. What is the purpose of all this? No one knows, no one ever knew, and no one will ever know. Besides, this is irrelevant, we are here for a fact.

This document contains a thread to a path that humanity needs again today, and it is expressed with words that match our time. It deals with knowledge, information, truth, cure, healing, medicine, and mainly hope. It deals with the present, the past and the future. In fact, it deals with everything!

The world we are living in today allows everyone to speak the “truth” in a straightforward manner. There are endless and easy ways to expose it, yet since no one really knows it, and since no one is really willing to see it, two things happen: either false information is given, or that the truth is been said, but partially, and these parts of truth are often set in beautiful surroundings with a lot of seduction noise. Truth cannot be accompanied by P.R or Photoshop. It does not depend on anything, and certainly cannot adjust to each customer. When it is being forgotten outside, it knocks on the door, when the door does not open willingly, it breaks in, because it has to.

The choice we have is either to let it in voluntarily, or in suffering.

“Nature knows”! – These are the laws of nature. Even though the laws of nature are complex, they do include what we know and feel inside of us, not just what we see with our eyes or understand with our mind.
We will rely on uncertainty in case we cannot see nor understand.
Human beings are choosing at every given moment whether to live by the rules of nature or not. Living by the rules will not yield one result only … there will be endless possibilities leading to the same goal.

The thread that this document provides does not threaten what exists, it supplies an accurate direction and helps return to the right path; and there lies its beauty. It knows how to go along next to what already exists, and direct it even when it has lost its way. When this happens, it serves as a spring, it revives everything and pours water on everything that has faded. It is thirst quenching and slowly, in perfect harmony it restores and rejuvenates everything.

Sounds wonderful, right? But this requires nobility, modesty and stripping away one’s ego. It is necessary to turn aggression into softness, and most importantly, to turn fear into faith. However, to accept the truth and follow its path, we should first require consent. The consent to the truth will serve everyone from individuals to organizations, companies, states and nations.

We were not meant to be dependent on anything or anyone. Be on other human beings, medicine, entertainment or organizations. And this does not preclude seeking help from time to time. Following the thread releases us from dependency, it gives us access to the whole world that allows us to fix ourselves within us, to invent, to develop, to dream, to initiate, to advance, to discover new worlds – to restore hope and faith.

When I first met my dear friend, it was clear that she was carrying mostly knowledge and truth, and very little information, which allowed her to concentrate on knowledge without distraction. Within me, there was knowledge and lots of information. The knowledge with which she was entrusted, led her to a different understanding of situations, and thus, she was able to find cures and solutions to impossible cases, and deal with new challenges faced by the body and the mind in today’s world. Now, there is an opportunity to follow this path and explore these solutions.

These are based on an understanding that leads to accurate and personalized diagnosis; on plants that produce, in harmony, unique formulas (and no, it’s not about cannabis and turmeric…). Try to imagine how it is to build a perfect dialogue among plants, just like between humans: One is strong, one is wise, one caresses, one is doing public relations, another resolves conflicts – and all together, they manage the personal crisis. And in some cases, they can become generic creations, suitable for everyone, which have never seen before. So we took everything we understood and had as human beings, and tried to express it – the truth. With a lot of innocence, love, courage and great sacrifice, uncompromisingly and at all costs we clung to the truth.

Each time we tried to adapt it to what was acceptable to the surrounding, each time we tried to check whether we were missing anything, or each time we wondered whether we were captive of our own world, we received the same very clear response that comforted us in our direction.

About a decade ago we opened a clinic so people could come and we could offer them solutions with the knowledge we had. Very quickly, and from word of mouth, desperate cases began to reach the clinic, for which no solutions were found anywhere else. Others consulted us with undiagnosable conditions, and among them doctors as well. At first it felt that this was the way. They would understand and join us, because they felt there was hope here after all. Innumerable people arrived: rich, poor, doctors, layman… from all walks of life. They heard the truth from us, they received a solution in a very precise way as well, since telling the truth without giving a solution does not allow progress in most cases.

All these people emphasized how the existing health system was lacking. Unfortunately, today this is nothing but a mirror of many other systems. I would like to point out that we do not wish to replace the existing system, but rather heal it, using knowledge to which man does not have access. And as a result, release human beings from their dependency.

The real purpose of the existing system, and the technologies at its disposal, is to serve humans in case of emergency. But this emergency has become a way of life. The system does not know how to deal with the “real way of life”, unless in case of an emergency –in fact, it does not need to deal with it – it is not its duty. Unintentionally, the system creates a destructive dependency and sense of emergency at any given moment.

Here is a story to reflect upon: this is a real case of a girl who was born with a heart defect. At the age of seven she underwent an open heart surgery, and returned to normal function. Today she is ten years old, and every year she undergoes medical examinations using highly advanced instruments. She eats what most children eat, and she has regular blood tests which show slightly borderline cholesterol results, abnormal kidney function, abnormal liver function, and problematic bowel functions. After seeing the results, the doctor calls the mother and says: “I’d like to pay attention to the cholesterol”. “What about the other indices?” asks the mother, “They do not worry me” replies the doctor.

To the sophisticated system today, there is nothing to do with the information of the deviation in these measures, neither for children nor for adults.
We witness a growing number of people who are in a similar situation: they are in a grey zone, which does not recognize an immediate medical danger.
It is reasonable to assume that this little girl’s body, without proper help, produces serious illnesses at a very young age. These measures, at such a young age, are frequent nowadays, and they result from all sorts of parameters with which the existing systems are not able to deal.

The girl’s doctor does not have a solution. She really does not see the problem. And if in a decade or two or even three, the same girl comes back to her with a serious problem, as a consequence of this situation, she will not be able to help her, it would be too late. The doctor will probably refer to her heart history as one refers to genetics – this approach is irrelevant, because it is based on incomplete information.

When such measures go unattended the picture is incomplete, and it is clear that any attempts to develop a cure for a serious or chronic illness is doomed to fail, since the basic assumptions are incorrect or the information on which they are based is incomplete. The body responds to our soul and creates a certain formula, unique and specific to each individual. Personalized medicine is appealing. However, it should be personalized at all levels, moreover if you do not really know me – you cannot tailor anything to me.

What I am asking here, is to establish a dialogue, in order to redistribute the vast resources which currently serve science only. Existing tools should be made available to both sides – to existing medicine and to medicine as nature knows it, alike.

Many people share, advertise and give treatment out of their own personal truth. This is a subjective truth, which is usually accompanied by ego, agendas and other various considerations. Here, it is necessary to distinguish between personal truth and universal truth. Personal truth, which can certainly be helpful and inspiring at times, derives from a personal success or personal understanding. However, it cannot remain “pure” since it has been processed and, more likely to be deviated. Universal truth on the other hand is absolute truth. It is not a choice, it is not subject to one opinion or another.
When you have the truth, it comes with a great hope and with a great responsibility as well. Thus, for me and my dear friend, having the truth, does not give us peace.

We have been asked to explain what we are doing exactly with the tools of the world today. Since it is not natural for us to be censored or edited we were opposed to give explanations, but eventually, we invested a great amount of effort setting up a website, which involved so many considerations and constraints that we could not convey our full vision. Instead, we had to deal with things like: which words would pop up or not in Google? What was allowed or forbidden to say according to regulations? … In brief, we ended up with a site that looked like a website for a natural medicine clinic. It was prestigious and beautiful indeed, but… another among many. And of course, we couldn’t keep up with site maintenance nor provide or sustain interest all day long. How could we concentrate on the most important thing this way?

Meanwhile, we took the remedies that required the least amount of regulations, we tried to follow the accepted rules and we started building a factory. We were told to start with a cosmetics factory. We moved several times from one track to another and each time we had to get another license for our factory. In the meantime, we were not allowed to reveal the real purpose of our formulas.

At one point we were joined by people who had experienced us and asked that these formulas remained in the world. This is when we felt the need to expand the circle of supporters. One could hardly ignore the data and the final results of our work. We had very unusual demands in general and of the business world in particular. This was not out of control, zeal, ego or insistence, but out of knowledge and responsibility to keep the truth from being distorted.

Many claim to know, yet most are likely to deceive. We often found ourselves in front of dozens of smart, successful people, in key positions from all over the world, wealthy or not, who seemed to have seen everything. On the one hand, they did not let go of us, they wanted to know more and more, and yet they were unable to take the next step. After seeing concrete results from our medications, one prominent pharmaceutical doctor said, “we have been trained to think in a certain way – help me find a way to convey this differently to my colleagues …” he understood that our results overturned all the assumptions on which modern drugs are being developed, on which treatment recommendations are made and which put people in a vicious cycle of endless treatments and diseases.

However, he was asking for the impossible: he asked us to adjust the truth to his limited tools. Anyone who knows the world of medicine is familiar with the obsession of finding an active ingredient in a plant. This is the opposite of my dear friend’s approach: she seeks to concoct harmonious combinations. This same principle applies to the human body, we cannot say that only the brain activates the body or only the heart activates the body, can we? Can the heart revive a person without a brain or without blood vessels? Definitely not. The body will not function fully and healthily unless all the parts operate together, in exact dosage.

This doctor asked us to help him believe. A human being can choose to believe, but in most cases, he would choose to believe from a place of distress, when there is no way out, and when that would be the last resort. What I am actually asking is to follow the path of faith in uncertainty before the crisis. We cannot help him. He has to choose to get out of his passivity, to dare, to make an effort, not to be afraid to surrender and to believe in this way. We cannot help him, not because we don’t want to, but because the tools we need to help him are already at his disposal – money, control, the media, and above all, the desire to choose or not. Therapists face a similar dilemma when their patients ask them: “save me”, “help me” … actually the tools to recover or to die are in the patients’ hands.

We cannot help you. You have to choose to get out of your passivity, to dare to make an effort, not to be afraid, to surrender and to believe in the way!

We finally decided to do the one thing that we had avoided doing so far, for many reasons – out of fear, out of innocence and out of misunderstanding the concept of modesty – to leave all these crooked ways and come out by ourselves and tell the truth. We are not industrialists, we are not Facebook personas nor fund raisers. We know certain things that the world needs, and whether it wants to deal with them or not, we are obliged to present them.

What were we thinking? Only God knows! After all, people like us need absolute freedom and independence. The truth cannot be served in pieces or in fixed portions. Truth requires a lot of freedom and flexibility. It cannot be brought with cables and laws that human beings have created.
So, we stopped our innocent attempts to develop, produce, make available, and interest, because it was under so many limitations, prohibitions, intimidations and fixations. 


Fundamental knowledge reveals itself to the world in many different ways. It can appear at different periods of time, through a person, natural phenomena, historical events, religion, trends, music, film and other countless ways. Sometimes it reveals itself overtly and sometimes in disguise .Fundamental knowledge is given to human beings as raw material, from which they can, consciously or unconsciously acquire information in order to improve their own existence and the world. Yet, human beings have no control nor ownership over knowledge.

When a human being carries fundamental knowledge, he knows it, he just knows it, he cannot get away from it, he cannot let go of it. This does not mean that he will be able to share that knowledge, it certainly does not mean that he will succeed in bringing about its acceptance to the rest of mankind. He can only do his best. He will only feel secure against any difficulty or resistance.

When a person or a thing carries universal knowledge, it is an absolute truth, a basic law which humanity respects and trusts. At times, when a person is self-centered and confused, he abandons his faith in the basic laws of the world. His perception is reversed and a kind of illusion is created as the information he develops becomes fundamental knowledge and truth. These periods of confusion are known to everyone, mainly through legends, mythologies, and imaginary civilizations. There is a beauty in the fact that this knowledge gets to us as a ritual, over and over, and adjusts itself to the need of the time. Human beings can object to it but eventually they will accept it, since the next leap depends on it. From past legends, only remains magnificence and divine wisdom, which we do not always have the tools to understand. However, some signs might come along, to remind us not to be mistaken again and to beware of confusion.

The modern generation has narrowed itself to a limited channel of information through which it has agreed to explore the universe. But there is an abundance of existing supply out there. Science is a channel, with its regulations, discriminative threshold conditions, cliques, advertising and technology.
This channel is deceiving. People feel that they control knowledge, that they have developed tools through which they can trace knowledge, but the truth is that human beings cannot create knowledge, and will never be able to.
You can make synthetic diamonds or engineered tomatoes in a laboratory, but you can never produce a real diamond. As long as humanity respected this lawfulness, knowledge flowed and people expanded on it more and more. They advanced, discovered new things, improved their lives, enriched themselves and created beautiful and delightful masterpieces in every field possible, thus showing the infinite beauty of the world, the endless solutions and paths it has to offer.

As he accepts this supreme lawfulness, man actually agrees to take responsibility and understands his limitations. The attempt to control knowledge has created mutations and false knowledge – this is a very developed knowledge, but false and sometimes even harmful. It is harmful because it has made most of us impotent, unable to think, unable to decide by ourselves, unable to know, to see or to take responsibility. Yet, we must take responsibility otherwise man will live in constant dependence.

Man is not built to live under such dependence. He is not built to be a robot controlled by an operator. And when he is in this position – he becomes anxious, very anxious. He is anxious because he lost his independence, the ability to feel, to think, to be. He is anxious because he cannot rely on anything stable, he depends on something that in turn depends on his dependency, not on something that exists by itself. His mind is blurred in every possible way with pills, screens, thrills, shopping, noise, lots of noise. . . What do you do when there’s noise? You try to shout louder. He who shouts loudest will be heard.
Shouting contains violence, anger, control, cruelty, restlessness, exposure, nudity. How cannot it be scary?

A human being does not need someone to tell him that everything is O.K. He needs to know, to feel and to believe that everything is O.K. This only happens with the truth. This does not mean that leadership is not required. Indeed, it is needed, but “rulers of knowledge” are not.

On the one hand, knowledge is very accessible today, on the other hand, the “iron walls” of science, money, control, fear, ego, dependency, technology and the illusion that man controls everything block the knowledge from being received and accepted. However, the doors can also open when these elements are used properly.

Humanity will find it difficult to advance without first accepting this knowledge; besides, it will never be able to control the laws of the universe. Today, humanity moves motivated by fear because of dependence and illusion.
It takes great willingness to hear and to accept such a new direction, in a world where one is trained to understand and not to feel. Yet, deep down one knows that one does not know anything, and that one is lost among a variety of lies presented as solutions.

Human beings know how to get out of such situations, it is only the price to pay that differs. Weaning out of these illusions is usually painful, it involves to willingly and courageously walk into the unknown – the great fear of the human race – but also the essence of our existence. In fact living in illusion only increases that fear. The acceptance of the truth allows us to live with fear and the truth, in peace, while also allowing us to be in control of our lives.

There is no one to blame here, we are all responsible. Therefore, the solution is in the hands of each and every one of us. We are human beings for better and for worse, with passions, fears, desire to control; yet, above all we have wisdom and heart, which today we should call upon. There is not a single domain today which has not been victim of the mutations we have created. It is no wonder that the level of anxiety in humans has reached such dangerous peaks. A person can truly find peace only through what is truth.

The bottom line is that knowledge is the eternal thread to endless information. It is not a fad, it is never new, it repeats itself, and presents itself in different ways. It adjusts to language, to mood, to new needs. It fits the new needs of any period. What changes is the information generated from it – the layers of information. Knowledge is axiomatic and its infinity is expressed in the information that we produce from it. Therefore, transforming information into an axiom becomes an illusion.

Human beings have to learn anew what is between information and knowledge. Few people today have the tools to distinguish between the two, while all, without exception, feel that something is not working properly, that they are not quite satisfied with where they have gotten. Most people today acknowledge this lack of satisfaction at an increasing younger age, and therefore the young generation carries with it the strength to return to the acceptance of that truth. Even if the road is difficult, there will be no other choice.

These days, people are tired, exhausted, anxious, stoned, and especially don’t know where to go. This can and should be corrected. Restoring the damaged harmony has to start somewhere. The information available and human intelligence have led almost every one of us to think that we know, but most of us feel that we do not know anything, we are trapped between two worlds. It is up to those who feel that there is some truth in here, and to those who can overcome their ego, their fear and their habits to restore harmony. The alternative is our doom.

The more human beings develop and get information that allows them to grasp the power and infinity of nature, the greedier they become. Similarly, having some money, leads some people to want more of it, to control it, and to believe it will solve all of their problems.

You understand that you have no chance against nature but you cannot resist it, you try to develop more and more ways to conquer nature, to protect yourself from it, and arm yourself with confidence…The answer is not there.
The answer lies in the acceptance of the axioms of nature.

Just look at all the knowledge and wisdom we have acquired. We need to make movies with advanced technology to visualize the wisdom of nature, while people of the past did not even get to see who lived on the other side of the closest river, and yet, they did not need any proof for what they knew deep down inside.

I do not know how far I can reach the “knowers”, but I hope to reach and move the “feelers”. There are many “knowers” around today. They only know parts of a whole and are not willing to see the whole picture. It is enough to just read the daily news about research, true one day and disproved the following day. But do not be mistaken, I do not refer, here, to a discovery which was right for its time and which was a substantial step forward in humanity’s development. The problem remains that the majority of the studies is of the former type and continues to receive fund, energy and fame.

Truth belongs to no one and if it is presented as separate parts without showing the complete picture, it is false and creates deception. I do not know anyone else in the world who carries all three: a solution, a path and hope.
What I know and what I am writing here, what my dear friend knows and what is expressed in her medicine and diagnosis, is not new. As I said – knowledge comes and reveals itself again and again. It is only the way to present it that changes; it is adapted to the spirit of the times and to the current needs, knowing that the carrier of the knowledge remains modest – he is only the carrier. With full confidence I say that there is no one else who carries it this way, and I truly hope that we will succeed in spreading the knowledge in our lifetime. In any case, it will be impossible to escape from it.

There is not one domain which can do without this universal language. These are challenging times. It seems as if the language in many fields is no longer relevant, it repeats itself, it is stuck, and does not meet the needs, be it in science in general or medicine, politics, advertising, psychology, security and communication in particular. Moreover, you do not have to adjust a language for each domain, it is a universal language.

We are basically asking to start a dialogue.

Some might ask: “What kind of dialogue can there be with someone who already knows?”
There can be one, and a most fruitful one.
Knowledge, which comes into the world, comes in different attire every time. It adjusts itself according to the current period. New information will be extracted at any time, revealing one layer after another.
This is the most beautiful and exciting dialogue of all. One which gives reason for existence and allows life along with uncertainty. Today the dialogue is among ourselves and not with the truth. The truth has been abandoned, forgotten, and now is the time to return to it.

So what is the purpose of the dialogue? What will come of it?
This dialogue is a path out of the existing situation. What will come out of it – only time will tell. However, one thing is certain – we have here a chance to find a cure for conditions that today seem still impossible and intolerable to humankind – we have the way.

How will we go about it? You might react to this document and we will respond.
You will react, among yourselves and it might be enriching to you?
I don’t know. In any case, we will try, only with a willing soul. Not in struggle, not in war.

And if you wish to respond to this call for a dialogue – an email is attached.