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There is an elephant in the room



The war in Israel today activates a discourse that takes place in all countries worldwide, explicitly and implicitly. This discourse includes military, historical, political, and cultural analyses, examining who is for and who is against, who is right and who is wrong. The discourse spans all channels: media of all kind, protests, diplomacy, spokespersons and public relation explanations, private conversations and expert opinions.

In this discourse, there is one essential missing element – the elephant in the room.
If we do not openly discuss the elephant in the room, if we don’t specifically turn our attention to it and pay somehow less attention to expert opinions, reports and images from the field, we may witness the greatest decline ever of humanity.

Anyone, who has the possibility, should engage now, with no fear, for the promotion of this dialogue. Journalists, academics, influencers, politicians, military personnel, religious figures and most of all you and me – everyone! We must speak up, fearlessly, about the elephant in the room – God. About the belief in Him, about the memory of that belief, about the place given to the belief in God today, about who He is for each and every one of us, and what the connection is between Him and our behaviors…

This war is a war that brings God out into the open. It is not a war over territories, or over who is right or wrong. This is a war about all of us, about our one and unique God, the one found in each and every one of us. This war is our own individual concern and the concern of all of us together – if we want to continue to exist.


An innovative dialogue regarding God is required!

In these times, an internal organizational dialogue about God is required.
No more online comments, no more religious arguments in this matter,
no advocacy activities, no expert panels, no demonstrations, no protests,
and certainly no wars fought in His name:
wars about “who is right” – those He supposedly loves
and about “who is wrong” – those He supposedly loves less.
All of these represent a dialogue that belongs to dark ages.

God always requires an innovative, advanced, deep and conscious dialogue
because, after all, God is the most advanced entity of all times.
And as such, naturally, God constantly requires renewal,
taking out the old to make way for the new.

How did God turn again into a primitive, outdated, narrowed, limited, controlled and imaginary entity?

God – the most developed entity,
the only one that allows absolute freedom of choice.

How did God get, once again, forgotten and replaced by anyone and anything that claims to speak in His name or to replace Him –
with non-free democracies, with ruthless dictatorships that feed on fear,
with the sanctification of post-traumatic memory,
with religions without God, with outdated religious practices,
with leaders without people, with peoples without leaders,
with promise of eternal life, with impressive technology,
with poor money, with artificial intelligence limited in its natural  wisdom,
with the desire to get certainty without accepting the uncertainty – certainty without doubt,
and with online comments… endless comments and empty slogans.

God, the deepest infinite entity,
has turned into an empty and shallow slogan.
A slogan that seemingly sanctifies war. A war against life itself.

At this stage, God always requires renewal and an internal organizational dialogue.
When God demands, it’s wise to respond to the demand.
When God demands, He points the way to himself .
A way that each and every one can recognize.

God is the certainty within the uncertainty, and the time has come to accept it – Accept the uncertainty through a deep, courageous and universal dialogue.
A dialogue about my God, your God, our God.
One God with infinite faces.


להמשך קריאה

There is an elephant in the room

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