Without a doubt you are right

You are right, indeed. You too are right, everyone is right. So what is all the fuss about, the noise, the wars? And to be honest, you cannot say that life, in these times, is peaceful. Endless fights among the righteous, in every fild, and in everything and matter. And everyone defends his righteousness  with […]

The medicine is within you

Messi was a messenger for a few moments, a messenger of medicine, for Argentines and everyone in the world who admires him. At the same time, he also emphasised the depth of the existing disease, and the deep need for cure. Real medicine. Messi, with this win, healed himself, and by that he showed everyone, […]

Compass rose

  November 20, 2022   World Cup 2022, Qatar The World Cup in soccer, floods with full force, and in a creative way, through sports, the question: will we succeed in reaching a breakthrough in the cure of a genetic disease? A breakthrough that will give way to a healthy life, and not just to […]

Predicting the future

9/5/2022 Who is the real foreteller? Is true prediction only a pretension or does it really exist? He exists! Unequivocally so. Take note, however, when looking for him, not to confuse the real foreteller with one that only pretends to predict the future Who is a foreteller? The Folk Foreteller: Fortunetellers, sorcerers and witches, conjurers, […]