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Compass rose


November 20, 2022


World Cup 2022, Qatar

The World Cup in soccer, floods with full force, and in a creative way, through sports, the question: will we succeed in reaching a breakthrough in the cure of a genetic disease?
A breakthrough that will give way to a healthy life, and not just to illness and death.

What is the genetic disease?
The painful memory of the dramatic encounter, which leads to eclipse when it reaches its climax.
The meeting between the East and the West.
A meeting, whose familiar show, is when one overshadows the other, then the one who overshadowed, now sinks and the other rises.
This meeting, for the most part, is accompanied by wars. Wars that sometimes bring prosperity, but such prosperity is no longer enough, its price is already too high.
In such meeting, the parties may lose the north.

The East today, reveals itself again as magnificent as ever, emotional, wise, colourful, rich, thirsty, with its own natural laws, patient, believing, a natural researcher, with deep foundations and always moving with the direction of the earth, and together with it completes another rotation.

The West in the role of the intellectual, the skeptic, the replete, rebellious to the basics, the diligent, the gray, the restrained, trying to control the world order and build such for the sake of the good order sometimes while exploiting the weak.
It naturally moves against the direction of the Earth’s rotation.

The north and the south, by their nature, are fixed in their positions as an axis from above and below, and are melting today, as a result of the effect of the increase in temperature, caused by the same friction between the east and the west.

But something did change, because this period is the first time that the East and the West have a chance to co-exist. For an enlightened encounter.
Perhaps this is the first time, that both directions, accept – one the existence of the other.
Maybe there is an opportunity for a breakthrough that will cure this genetic disease.
Each has already tasted the taste of the other, and some of the tastes have already been acquired.
The intuitive belief alone of the East is no longer enough, and the educational belief in control, for the sake of world order, of the West – is no longer sufficient alone. Only the combination of both can lead to a breakthrough.

The direction of the winds of the sky are far beyond the chart that helps to navigate.
The directions of the winds are a world, they are a symbol of opposites that apparently cannot be together, but in practice, only together they form a whole strait: right and left, east and west, good and bad, emotion and reason…
The relationship between the direction of the winds indicates where the wind blows – the physical as well as the spiritual – the one that shows the direction of the road, and it will always strive for balance.

The sensational World Cup, the climate crisis, the unstable economy, the diseases, the ware – these are all one – and they all lead to the same solution.
And what is the solution?
Cooperation of the wind directions. East, West, North and South, and everything in between, with each stable in its place.
The rise of the one at the cost of the other’s decline, today already melts the axis, creates an internal war, and then, in the time of darkness, man will bother to produce lights and illuminate the darkness, instead of surrendering, accepting and channeling that dark time.
Therefore, there is no room for another round like this, there is room in all directions. Each in his place.

Can we overcome the memory that has become part of our identity? That became a disease? A memory that knows how to demand its place by force, sometimes with revenge. In obscuration.
Can every wind direction be in its place when it is satisfied and when it is at its best?
A place where he respects himself and all the directions of the winds? Every direction and its nature. Each direction and its contribution to the general spirit.

This World Cup, with all the emotions and fears it overwhelms is an opportunity as well as test for everyone.

The East will have a hard time shining without the West, and the West needs the East in order not to sink.
This is not the work of governments, organizations, programs, economies and agreements. But it is our work of each and every one of us, to know the directions of the spirit.

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