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Without a doubt you are right

You are right, indeed. You too are right, everyone is right.
So what is all the fuss about, the noise, the wars?
And to be honest, you cannot say that life, in these times, is peaceful.
Endless fights among the righteous, in every fild, and in everything and matter. And everyone defends his righteousness  with ferocity.
There is no dialog, there is no attempt to understand each other or to find an intermediate solution.

Who are you the modern righteous?
An intelligent human being, with superior intelligence, who does not act by his wisdom, which was given to him as a gift, but rather, is motivated by fear.
An intelligent creature, who locked his intelligence in a safe, and left the key in the hands of his own fears. Those fears, which became his captives.
But the modern righteous, is no different from the eternal righteous – an intelligent creature, who was born to be free, and imprisoned by that freedom.
Crying out for freedom. Crying out: “we lost the country”, “we lost democracy”, “my freedom was taken away”.
An unrestrained protester. About the threatening danger, about his freedom, about his life – about his righteousness.

The key is in your hands, man!
What are you shouting about?
What are you fighting for?
Who really turns you on?

Everyone is right, so right.
But justice is done between a person and himself, and his values, and his conscience, and his creator.
Not between a person and his environment.
Because the justice done between a person and his environment has another name. it’s called ego.

And from another point of view, it can also be called a climate crisis… but that’s another story.

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