14/8/2023 Between constipation and diarrhea, there is Catharsis. In the thin border that passes between having control and lack of control there is a purification area, clarification area – Catharsis – a liberating area. These days, when I observe, I see right and left, east and west, different sides seeking for control. Some of them, […]

Predicting the future

9/5/2022 Who is the real foreteller? Is true prediction only a pretension or does it really exist? He exists! Unequivocally so. Take note, however, when looking for him, not to confuse the real foreteller with one that only pretends to predict the future Who is a foreteller? The Folk Foreteller: Fortunetellers, sorcerers and witches, conjurers, […]

About taste and smell

Five senses were given to the human being: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. These senses, in cooperation with the brain, allowing the person to communicate with the outside world, protect him from danger, and to guide him.   Through all the senses he receives information, (information and not knowledge, and on the difference between […]