Since then and forever...

As time passes, the story you discovered in the second part of this document goes on. The characters are real and alive, and the story is real and live. However, there is no ending to that story yet. This story holds the cure. It is the thread to the path of medicine in general, and the thread to a solution for the current situation in particular.

A year and a half has passed since December, 23 2018 the day on which the document was released. Ever since, the message and the words have resonated, the uncertainty can be seen and felt in all its majestic splendor and glory, in every corner of the world. It does not spare any place, religion, race, or gender.

At first the document was sent to hundreds of the world leading people, heads of states, religious leaders, pharmaceutical and food companies, media etc… All were carefully selected and among them the industries being affected by the current concerning situation. We were seeking, as it were, to engage a dialogue in times of calm. But human nature is such that sometimes one needs more time for internalization, lesson, or even getting a little shock.

At that time, this document was travelling around the world, at its own pace circulating without interference, open to the various uses people chose to do with it. In the meantime, we continued our efforts to expose the world to the path of healing, to the language and to the medicine that are the fruits of this path. Like players who know the rules of the game, we chose and agreed to play by them. – Always aware and making sure we stayed on track – We did not hold onto anything, we went to where we were told to go, we let go when needed, and in the process we became sharper and more accurate, we listened attentively and sifted for what was important. The road gave rise to collaborations, each time new people joined and helped us rise to another level.

Two months ago, just as we were in the process of examining some of our medications and as we trying to get them accepted through the formal routes, hoping to bring the world back to the right path, uncertainty stroke again, as if it wanted to tell us: “well, that is where you should go now, it’s wider, it’s universal, it’s time for knowledge to be unveiled”.

We felt, we listened and went for one of the formulas that we and our associates have been widely using for many years. We took the easiest one for the existing regulation to contain, and as always throughout the years, we again made sure not to be tempted for distribution or sales that would not allow an entrance through the front door, because not for that purpose have we been entrusted with that knowledge.

We were then looking for collaboration. At a time when every second had critical significance for both the present and the days after – we have been spending two months trying to validate the formula and to do crowd trail in order to be allowed to bring out to the world the healing language it so desperately needs today – unfortunately, this has not worked out yet.

Numerous states have released public calls seeking a solution, seeking someone who has a solution. This only seems simple and easy but these tracks are complex. We did turn to some of them, but even here filtering was done according to the well-known, perceived, accepted tracks. We have also built an experimental model, for the healthy people, for the virus carriers and for those who got sick, whether in isolation at home, or in hospital. The reality requires collaboration with investors, with institutionalized bodies and the like, for which there are very well-established models and which do not allow for the mental flexibility that this way requires in order to be expressed. To sum up, just as the results of our formulas are incomprehensible and difficult to digest, so is the flexibility and simplicity of our path – hard to digest as well.

A medication, in current terms, is a product that has undergone licensing, patent registration, trial protocol, development and safety testing, bureaucracy, lawyers, and involves incredible sums of money. At the end of this “chain production”, comes out the approved product, which is mostly a “symptom silencing product” and not a source for healing! For those who want to outsmart, there are shorter ways which bear names such as: supplement, air freshener, disinfectant, cosmetic certification, etc…

If we insist on using the word medication, it is not out of defiance, it is simply because all of our formulas are a source of true healing. Due to artificial limitations we are not allowed in. This is not a criticism, it is just an observation of a situation that used to be but will never be again. Because, now it is clear to man that the choice is in his hands.

The routes we went through using our own resources and getting a lot of help along the way from quite a few people who felt that something is asking to change. Our dedication, focus and without forgetting our uncompromising personal work that is an integral part of the general path we bring to the world – all of these together, serving the world, a flawless product.

We have been doing our best and we will continue doing our best to bring medicine, checking, testing and getting answers from every route. The road is slowly opening. Human beings, either privately or through public initiatives, are back on track, hopefully not out of painful constraints.

Today, we are out again sending a broad call.

We have been learning and we will be learning how to receive everything that is sent our way in order to move forward, for only the ability to truly receive will allow us to truly give. Humans and the world need to pay attention when they do not allow acceptance: it may be out of fear, out of ego, from a place of comfort or stubbornness or a desire to control.
We do not ask for the ownership of anything, we are only zealously bringing the truth. Not parts of it, not something that is close or similar to it, not another opinion or approach. For without this truth the cure can never be found.

We have chosen to continue the story, to keep the readers updated. This is a true ‘reality’ story. How will it end? We do not know.

The Crown needs true cure, healing from its root. It does not need a drug that humans will investigate in a laboratory, will get vaccination artificially and will remain on the defensive: this way the existing attack will only continue, one will only become increasingly vulnerable, and less and less immune. While healing, created from this knowledge and infinite spring, opens the path that will enable only more and more.

The medicine for this cure is in our hands for the time being. We hold it, not to keep it from being copied or stolen, we hold it because it has to come out as one complete part, as a language. Then only it will be an inspiration and a way for anyone who wants it.
We understand easily that the economy needs rehabilitation and balance, so do the human mind and the human body. We can and we should start now!

One can reach a peaceful balance not with drugs but through teaching the body and allowing it to accommodate, to strengthen its physical and emotional immune system. For all of this we have a cure and a way: a medicine that strengthens the person and releases him or her into independence, rather than keeping him / her in perpetual dependence. It is just like learning how to ride a bicycle, at first you use auxiliary wheels, later you release them for good.

Our fix should start with the language. Listen to man’s daily language, he speaks of “corona victims”. Victims are the ones who fall at war, a war that is caused by humans. Who is there to blame? Who should take responsibility for the cause and who should find the solution now? Man has started a war, man can stop it.

As we already mentioned The primeval knowledge offered here has been revealed to the world time and time again, and is always reintroduced differently to reveal another aspect of the same thing.


אביב 2020, התש״פ

המשך הסיפור של החלק השני המסופר במסמך, לתאר את השתלשלות הדברים והם הם הדיאלוג.

קיץ 2020, התש״פ

אנו מבקשים להביא את המשך הסיפור של החלק השני המסופר במסמך, לתאר את השתלשלות הדברים והם הם הדיאלוג.


ב- 23/12/2018 הוצאנו את המסמך שכותרתו ״לקבל את אי הוודאות״ ושלחנו אותו למאות מהאנשים המובילים בעולם במגוון תחומים